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Decoration ideas: an Art Deco bathroom inspired by the railways


Designer Cecilia Casagrande hired a tile company to recreate a section of flooring from an old photo of Seattle Union Station for this bathroom overhaul.SEAN LITCHFIELD

When a photo of a mosaic floor with Art Deco vibes made her client’s heart beat faster, Cecilia Casagrande thought they had found inspiration for owner Brookline’s third-floor bathtub. Then the designer learned that the tiny slice of floor pictured was a corner of Seattle Union Station and the customer’s grandfather was a driver, and it was a done deal. Casagrande commissioned a tile company to recreate the floor, then built the rest of the project around it. Finally, she urged her client to dig up old photos for a personal touch.

1 Heritage Tile in Wisconsin recreated the mosaic floor pattern, which includes squares and hexagons, from the photo Casagrande and her client found on Pinterest.

2 The black wall-mounted bathroom vanity from Strasser Woodenworks does not obscure the floor. Casagrande purchased the octagonal bakelite knobs from a vintage online dealer.

3 Casagrande found a remnant of green marble at Olympia Marble & Granite in Needham to use for the countertop and custom ogee-shaped backsplash. Unpainted brass plumbing fixtures will acquire a patina over time, adding age to the historic themed space.

4 A rimless shower allows the mosaic to flow through the space without interruption. The shower wall tiles – dark green porcelain with a wavy texture from Discover Tile – are also based on the inspiration image.

5 The owner’s grandfather took the black and white photograph of the train where she says he worked as a conductor or lineman.

6 Rejuvenation sconces resemble period floor lamps while the curves of the Pottery Barn black metal mirror hint at Art Deco sensibilities. Casagrande covered the back wall (reflected in the mirror) with Cole & Son wallpaper by Piero Fornasetti which depicts keys hidden in the greenery.

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