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Artistic entrepreneur Maria Baibakova talks about building a collection focused on women and advocating for women artists

[ad_1] Moscow-born artistic entrepreneur, philanthropist and collector Maria Baibakova wears several hats. Applying her degrees from Barnard College, Courtauld Institute of Art and Harvard Business School, she directs Baibakov artistic projects, which she founded in 2008 to exhibit the work of pioneering artists around the world. The first non-profit helped transform the former Red October […]

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Jennifer Packer: painting as an exercise in tenderness

[ad_1] The portrait is everywhere right now, in painting as well as in photography, and some of the best of them have a specific purpose: to make visible those who have been made invisible – on museum walls, in public culture, in speech. Politics -. This desire to honor and make people worthy through performance […]

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What is Bearbrick, why is it so expensive and how to start collecting

[ad_1] When collecting something becomes a rage, no matter how simple, it becomes a cherished collector’s item in no time. The case of Bearbrick (stylized like Be @ rbrick) is one example. In case you’ve never encountered a cute, distinctive anthropomorphic bear figurine with a swollen belly, this is what a Bearbrick looks like. Image […]