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Every Great Art in the Base Game and Delicious Last Course DLC, Ranked


As players of Cuphead come back for another round of the popular and challenging game, as well as the recently released Delicious last course DLC, many players may wonder how to level up. Cuphead offers great shooting and shooting platformer in a wonderful 1930s cartoon style, but it’s notoriously difficult, and players will need all the help they can get when battling bosses .

Progressing through Cuphead, players will encounter Super Arts. These are extremely powerful attacks that can be unlocked upon rescuing the Legendary Chalice found in each Mausoleum. The players, Cuphead, Mugman and Ms. Chalice, can use these Super Arts when the Super Meter is filled with 5 cards, to unleash devastating moves. However, some are more powerful than others.

seven energy beam

The first Super Art players can obtain is the Energy Beam. This ability allows the player to create a devastating horizontal attack, in which the liquid contents of the player’s head are poured out in a fierce stream. It deals high damage and can be used on the ground or in the air.

This forces the player to stand still, and starting the attack will only target what is in front of the player, not around them. Getting it is quite simple, as players will only need to destroy the pink ghosts at the first mausoleum by parrying and jumping on them.

6 spiral pillar

In the DLC The Delicious last course, players can unlock the spiral pillar. It works almost the same as the Energy Beam, except it’s a Ms. Chalice-exclusive Super Art. The other difference to be found with Spiral Pillar is that it fires vertically, rather than horizontally.

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Shooting straight up can be useful for enemies positioned above the player, but most of the time the enemies will be facing him. Therefore, Spiral Pillar and Energy Beam are good Super Arts to have, but not the best you can get throughout the game. They are great starting choices though.

5 Bomb Morphe

In levels where the player is flying an airplane, the Super Art available to the player is Bomb Morph. This turns the character into a giant bomb, which can explode on impact hitting an enemy, or if the timer runs out. Another great bonus from this ability is the three seconds of invincibility the player receives.

Bomb Morph is good, but since it limits its use, it’s not the best. It is only used for airplane levels, but the fun animation never gets boring. It also adds to the great charm of 1930s animation of smooth, animated limbs and big eyes.

4 Ghost Dam

Another Ms. Chalice-exclusive Super Art, the Ghostly Barrage unleashes a devastating horizontal attack that clears the entire screen. Like most of Cuphead‘s animations, it’s beautiful to watch. When using this attack, Ms. Chalice wears a golden Greek Goddess outfit and sends forth a volley of ghosts.

In this ancient form, Mrs. Chalice launches a spectral volley of ghosts into a deadly barrage. Each ghost has a different design, and it’s fun to watch each one cross the screen and collide with a target. It’s a great Super Art to use against powerful bosses, as the attack lasts more than a few seconds and deals a decent amount of damage.

3 giant ghost

Another base game Super Art is the Giant Ghost ability. This shows a fun animation of Cuphead or Mugman receiving a floating halo above their head, which is in the material of their straw. They also gain muscle and combine strength with their heart.

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This Super Art allows the player to maneuver their mind and body into one, combining them for maximum damage. It is difficult to use, but ideal for different and difficult situations. The Super Art has the ghost muscled like a tornado, bumping into the fists of enemies.

2 Shield

For games that can be as challenging as Cuphead, players will often want as much health and defense as possible. Nothing is worse than progressing far through a level and defeating all opponents on the way, only to die at the hands of a stronger enemy. Shield Pal seeks to solve this problem.

Through the Delicious last course DLC, Ms. Chalice can use Shield Pal as a Super Art. This gives him a familiar that can take an extra hit. It’s an extra heart that will gladly sacrifice itself for the player. This can be essential for those tough boss fights, where players will win by the skin of their teeth.

1 Invincibility

What better Super Art could there be than the literal God Mode? Invincibility does exactly what it says on the box and allows players to be invulnerable to damage for a short time. Players will enter the Astral Plane to become immune to all damage and become a shiny version of their character of choice.

During this moment of invincibility, players can still fire their weapons and close in on their target. It’s great for this running and gun game. Bosses won’t stand a chance with players constantly building up their Super Art, only to then charge straight into them with full immunity. Pairing this ability with Spread Shot maximizes potential damage and ensures the enemy doesn’t come out of the fight in one piece.

Cuphead: the delicious last dish is available now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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