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Want Roadkill? There is an application for that ! The “Roadkill Art” app!

It takes two to load the big game, who’s your Roadkill Buddy?

A roadkill report allows for photo, video and condition assessment.

Click on a location marker near you, find out the road condition.

We have to work together to get it while it's still fresh.

Our biggest game meat competitor is the vulture, not the other

The “Roadkill Art” app changed the image of the roadkill from “disgusting” to “edible”, with a rating board for members to report the condition of the roadkill.

Get it off the road, treat it, grill it, eat it, then turn it into art, Roadkill Art”

—Cody Criminaler

MT PLEASANT, South Carolina, USA, June 25, 2022 / — It’s exciting to encounter deer or big game on the side of the road, if fresh, 100 pounds or more of meat can be processed and consumed. It is also exciting to access the free “Roadkill Art” app with the aim of finding new big game within 5-10-20 minutes of a specific location already marked in the app. It’s now that easy to acquire big game, or any game, without a day of hunting, simply by checking the “Roadkill Art” app for daily reported road kills.

When registering to use the app, a notification will appear saying: “Roadkill Art” want to access your location?, choose “Allow once” or “Allow while using app” in order to have a location marked on the map. ‘ and in the ‘List View’. With Uber’s introduction of GEO Tracking, the world has the ability to track location, now including the “Roadkill Art” app, giving game meat lovers fresh meat at their fingertips in an instant.

The best way to report a traffic accident in the app is to have a cell phone holder on the car dashboard facing the front window with the app on the phone homepage. When you come to something idle, touch the app icon, when the map appears, touch the orange bar at the bottom of the page, the location of the road is now flagged. Then the application allows to take a photo of roadkill, up to a thirty second video with voice commentary and to evaluate the state of the roadkill by choosing one of 8 descriptions.

1. I don’t know if it’s good or not.
2. Claim it I’ll be back in 30 minutes to pick it up.
3. Just got hit good for pickup.
4. This is NOT a traffic accident, I’m just chasing the share.
5. It is small in good condition, good for art.
6. I pulled the hair on her belly, it didn’t come out, good to take.
7. It is NOT a traffic accident, it is alive, it is near the road.
8. Not fresh only good for vultures.

Download the app to get a test report to ensure quick use before jumping into this great game:

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There is a distance icon at the top right of the ‘Map View’ and ‘List View’ pages, it is set to 50 miles. It can be adjusted to 5 miles or 5,000 miles, by checking what’s been reported in his neighborhood or what’s been reported as far away as Alaska. Curious to know who got this 1000 pound moose and how they loaded it, explore the videos. Ideally, having a roadkill partner, one person is driving, the other person has their eyes on roadkill while navigating the app. Teamwork increases the chances of being able to load big game and maintains safety when working with any traffic when stopping.

Our biggest roadkill competitor isn’t the other when it comes to getting to the road first, it’s the vulture, called the cleanup crew by the US Natural Resources and Wildlife Centers. The vulture rids the landscape of deteriorating carcasses and helps curb the spread of dangerous diseases and bacteria. Their stomachs contain powerful enzymes that kill dangerous toxins after ingesting and digesting road kill, which stops the spread of chronic waist disease, botulism, salmonella and rabies to other animals and people.

Spending a lot of time on the side of the road and on the road, the vulture itself appears as its favorite food, roadkill. It was concluded that the vulture is not good to eat, it has a lot of bones and little meat, the meat they have is super full of muscle fibers which makes it super rubbery to chew and they have a very gamey taste. If you’re determined to eat vulture, try them in a soup, put them through the meat grinder, and make flavor-enhancing Vultureburgers with cheese, bacon, or onions.

How many vultures do we face when it comes to road fatalities? Our bird population figures come from the Christmas Bird Count, a census of birds in the Western Hemisphere, conducted annually by bird watchers. The number of black vultures reported in US circles during the 2021-22 season was 86,611. Note that this is not a population number, but a sighting count. One day per year the birds are counted, so if we multiply 86,611 x 364 = 31,526,404, we have a minimum of 31 million black vultures in the United States. The counts cover a large part of the American lands but not all, one can guess that the number of black vultures is higher. Be quick to report any new hit games, we want to eat it before the vultures.

Once a roadkill report is completed, a location marker will instantly appear on the “Map” app, anyone can click on this location marker and see the exact location, image and video of the road kill. (see image above) The “list view” allows you to quickly scroll through all reported road accidents. When you come across a traffic accident or accidentally hit an animal, report it, even if you pick it up, you will alert others to a potentially busy passage or place, if not caught, you made game available to someone else, even a soup kitchen, providing them with between 100 and 1000 pounds of meat.

“Roadkill Art” invites game meat lovers and those who would like to give deer, wild boar, elk, moose, squirrel, raccoon, etc. a try to be part of a unique community. The simple task of reporting a traffic accident in the “Roadkill Art” application can lead to providing meals, delicious game meat meals to a large number of people.

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How to tell if Roadkill is fresh to eat

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