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The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences launches two new schools

“Our unique strength is that we combine studies of the human past (through archaeology, classics, ancient and more recent history) with those of how we think (philosophy), communicate (linguistics), identify ( gender and cultural studies) and construct our belief system (religious studies).

Our teaching and learning powerfully demonstrate the value of the humanities in society and the particular advantage it confers on our career-ready graduates. With our new set-up of disciplines, we are excited to train the next generation to better understand where we came from and where we might be heading – in essence, our place in the world,” said Professor Keith Dobney.

Other organizational changes within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences include:

  • The Department of Asian Studies and the Department of Indian Subcontinental Studies in the School of Languages ​​and Culture have been merged into the discipline “Asian Studies”
  • The English Department and the Writing Studies Department were merged into the “English” discipline within the new School of Art, Communication and English
  • The Department of Peace and Conflict Studies and the Department of Sociology and Social Policy of the School of Social and Political Sciences have been merged into the discipline “Sociology and Criminology”.

The renaming of both schools and other organizational changes were designed in consultation with staff and students. The changes are intended to improve the student experience; foster greater university collaboration in teaching and research; ensure consistent, high-quality education for our students; reduce administration; and allow the continuation of teaching and research in narrower disciplines.

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences will retain six schools and all of its disciplines. With nearly 50 disciplines, the Faculty will continue to be one of the most comprehensive arts and social sciences faculties in Australia.

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