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StreetEasy launches a new augmented reality feature

Augmented reality has infiltrated the art galleries of New York and now it will be part of our daily lives on the street.

StreetEasy has developed a program in its iOS app that can scan the street you are on and show you statistics about its residential buildings and if there are units available. It’s called StreetScape and it’s coming out this summer.

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“We’ve all experienced it: you walk past a building and immediately wonder what it would be like to live there and if that’s even a real possibility,” said Peter Lim, StreetEasy Product Manager. “We’re building StreetScape to marry the digital and physical experience of home shopping in New York City, a crucial step in gaining the level of confidence you need to move into a new home. Having this information immediately at your fingertips when you are in front of a building will help home buyers act quickly, which is especially important in today’s competitive market.”

Interestingly, a StreetEasy Instagram poll found that 95% of people walked past an apartment building and wondered if there was a unit available that met their criteria. At the same time, 77% had difficulty identifying the address of a building to search later.

The new app will scan the street and reveal floating icons in front of residential buildings that you can click to learn more about the building and its amenities, explore available units on StreetEasy, and view photos, floor plans, and tours building units.

Photography: Courtesy of StreetEasy

It will be a useful tool for those entering the super-competitive housing market this summer, where rents are high and listings are low, according to StreetEasy. Being able to walk around the neighborhood you’re looking to live in and scan a street you like could yield promising results, and quickly.

StreetScape is the latest example of StreetEasy innovations designed to help improve the home shopping experience in New York. Others include the launch of 3D home visitsoffering home shoppers an immersive visit experience directly from a product sheet, and StreetEasy Flexible Searcha smarter search method that makes it easy for tenants and buyers to specify which building units and amenities are needed and which are nice to have.

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