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Project Seeking Submissions From Artists Of All Ages To Create Historic Natural Areas Coloring Book – Penticton News

Two Penticton organizations are looking for artists of all ages to create images of trees for a coloring book that will showcase the area’s historic natural landscapes.

The Penticton & District Community Arts Council (PDCAC) and the Penticton Museum & Archives are preparing the book for Historic Places Days, as part of a larger national event organized by the National Trust for Canada.

Once completed, the book will be distributed to the community during Historic Places Days July 8-31.

The book doubles as a scavenger hunt to explore local historic sites.

Participants will need to research natural historic areas to decide what to include.

This could include the Munson and Campbell Mountains, which the PDCAC shared are prime examples of natural history that span millions of years, when they first erupted as volcanoes.

“Fast forward to about 13,000 to 8,000 years ago when the glacier began to melt and form the Penticton, Ellis and Shingle Banks and creeks. As people settled in region, the Okanagan/Syilx people may have had distinctive natural places that followed seasonal cycles. The settlers may have had natural areas that were special for their own reasons,” they said.

Artists can include landscape elements such as mountains and streams, stay medium-sized with park areas, or focus on a single tree.

The PDCAC has a list of locations and trees that hold a special place in the hearts and histories of many Pentictonites, including:

  • Lakamann Park (poplars on the southernmost boulder)
  • Gyro Park
  • Penticton Rose Garden (85 Riverside Drive)
  • Ikeda Japanese Garden
  • Trees at Lakeview Cemetery
  • Skaha Park Ponderosa Pine Grove
  • Westminster and Power Elms between Power St and Eckhardt Ave
  • Fairview Cemetery
  • KVR Trail – Many Locations
  • Maple Library/Museum on the west side of the building near the smaller parking lot
  • 3 silver maples on Latimer Street between Eckhardt and Orchard
  • 2 London plane trees at the ends of Windsor Boulevard
  • Tall trees along Lakeshore Drive
  • Mount Munson
  • Oxbows along the Okanagan River
  • Penticton Creek
  • Ellis Creek
  • pebble stream
  • Maple trees along Main Street in Penticton Secondary
  • Oak sent to celebrate the coronation of King Edward VIII in 1937 on the courthouse property
  • The k’mcnitkw Floodplain Project aka Growing Strong Together Riverarian Restoration

“If there’s a place you love and it’s not on the list, that’s okay. Let’s give some love to as many natural sn’pinktn spaces as possible.”

The deadline for submitting projects is Sunday, June 26 at 11:59 p.m.

Submission can be emailed to Bethany Handfield at [email protected] with the title Historic Places Days in the subject line and include your name.

To claim a spot, pick your top three trees/areas from the list above and email Handfield to see if they’re available and haven’t been requested by another artist. Participants will receive confirmation of what your tree/zone is.

An honorarium will be given to artists aged 15 and over, with payment of $50 made by electronic transfer or cheque.

Artists aged 14 and under will receive comparable amounts in boxes of art supplies.

Picture information:

  • One entry per person.
  • File type: jpeg, png or pdf.
  • Orientation: horizontal or vertical.
  • Please create a black, digital or hand drawn line art as they will be used for coloring.
  • Image files min 500 KB – max 2 MB. If the image is unclear, we will contact you.

PDCAC is happy to help those who don’t know how to resize or need other assistance.

If selected, artists will be asked to sign an image release waiver and a statement that the images are the work of the artist and do not violate copyright laws.

Need help identifying trees or natural areas? Contact Chandra at the Museum 250 490 2454 or [email protected]

More information can be found online here.

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