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Overcome Doubt | International studies

Someone once said to Yazmina Ameerah Salahuddin-Robinson ’22, “If you’re scared, that means it’s something worth doing.” Salahuddin-Robinson took that advice to heart when she self-published her first book, DUBIUM.

The title, which means “doubt” in Latin, reflects the insecurity of the young protagonists – and the moments of doubt that Salahuddin-Robinson had in his life. “A lot of people assume I have all this confidence to publish a book.” She says.

She was able to recognize that although she is imperfect, she can use her gifts to write, edit, illustrate, and self-publish a 480-page book, even as she completes her final year as an international studies major.

“The moment I held my book in my hand, I could understand what an accomplishment it was. It doesn’t matter if it wasn’t perfect, because no one can take that moment away from me. says Salahuddin-Robinson, who is already working on the next book in the series. “I hope to encourage others and help them understand that it’s okay to be afraid, but never let that fear stop you.”

She also brings that trademark determination to the classroom. When he heard about Salahuddin-Robinson’s book, Japanese language teacher Michael Tangeman was not surprised. “In my mind, I can still see her approaching me after class one day to express her interest in learning ‘ALL languages’.”

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