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News and Information – New Face for Newtown Mural

Leiataua learned of Dr. Pere’s passing around the same time the concept was forming. As the completion of the mural fell close to the date of Dr. Pere’s birthday, July 25, 1937, significantly, the blessing of the work took place on the same day this year to recognize the generous gift of Rose Father.

The mural was commissioned as part of the modernization of the Newtown Community Facilities Group.

The Newtown Community and Cultural Center team used a co-design process that encouraged the community to participate in the design process.

Eryn Gribble, Kaiwhakahaere/coordinator of the Newtown Community and Cultural Center, says this work is an exciting addition to the community.

“This new mural will adorn our entryway, revitalizing and reorganizing the space. Liana has designed a stunning series of pieces with contributions from the Omārōrō Newtown community, who share a Pasifika and Maori worldview. It also honors the previous mural, which was in its place.”

Network Newtown includes a large classroom used by community groups and organizations to deliver educational programs and is home to Smart Newtown, a community computer center offering free internet access and computer training for those who may not have been there. be not access otherwise.

There is social housing above Network Newtown/Smart Newtown.

The artwork at the entrance to Newtown Library/Smart Newtown will be in place for the next five years, complementing the community spaces and surrounding energy of the Newtown Mall.

Learn more about the co-design process and the facilities being upgraded on the Newtown Community Website.

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