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Net-A-Porter’s new artworks are a must-have for any obsessed interior

“Is it an original Rothko? Yes yes it is.” If your last dinner conversation went like this, chances are you’ve entered the elite sport of home art collecting.

Historically, the art world hasn’t been known for its accessible price tags – you might be lucky enough to find a vintage treasure at a flea market or pick up a bargain from an up-and-coming art student. (we are currently obsessed with @lilyalicebaker) – but buying a Picasso like a butter dish? This was left at 1 percent. So far.

As part of its homewares expansion, has teamed up with art e-commerce platform,, to bring a dash of famous prints (in limited edition, of course) by French fashion photographer, Guy Bourdin, to the merchant’s platform.

Known for his boundary-pushing works, Bourdin is one of fashion’s most prolific photographers. As a contributor to French vogue from 1955 to the late 80s, his often surreal inspired images challenged the landscape of fashion photography, creating images seemingly impossible without the use of photoshop, yet meticulously planning all elements of his images. Some of his most iconic works, such as shots of his advertising campaign for the French shoe brand Charles Jourdanare part of the offer.

Domaine Guy Bourdin 2022

“For the launch of Art on, our goal is to offer our customers the same level of curation and world-class expertise that is synonymous with all of our purchases,” says Lea Cranfield, Director of Buying and Merchandising. on “Our partnership with – a true innovator in this field – offers our global customers an incredible selection of unique and collectible photographs of the iconic Guy Bourdin.”

AP8 Guy Bourdin framed poster, 40” x 29”

AP8 Guy Bourdin Framed poster, 35” x 31”

The collaboration between these e-tailers opens up the art collection to a whole new generation. With prices starting at £1,450, these are certainly not lunch break buys but, good news, they don’t come at auction house prices.

AP8 Guy Bourdin Framed poster, 30” x 30”

AP8 Guy Bourdin framed poster, 43” x 29”

So if you’re looking to invest and build your art collection, this is a good place to start.

AP8 Guy Bourdin Framed poster, 29” x 40”

AP8 Guy Bourdin framed poster, 40” x 29”

AP8 Guy Bourdin framed poster, 40” x 29”

AP8 Guy Bourdin framed poster, 40” x 29”

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