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Morning Lookout: Zen and the art of parenting evenings; a focus on lactation

Good morning! Today is Monday July 11.

Mark here, replacing a vacation testament, and I see a delightful weather report for us: Sunny with highs in the mid-70s around most areas of this beautiful place we call home.

When I think of beautiful summer days, there are few places I’d rather hang out than under Capitola Wharf. And that’s where our Liza Monroy and Kevin Painchaud sat down with local mom and author Jamie McFaden to talk about the important life balance that parents of youngsters struggle to achieve.

Along with the important self-care issues McFaden raises in her book, she also inspired Liza to share her favorite tips for local get-togethers that parents of young children here need to know.

We also have another important parent-related read for you this morning. But this one raises some very important questions about why our society still struggles to treat breastfeeding as the health and wellness issue it unquestionably is. At least one UCSC scientist is doing her part to help change that narrative.

Let’s review these titles and more, shall we?

On self-care – and date night! — for the parents of Santa Cruz

(Kevin Painchaud / Belvedere Santa Cruz)

More than ever, parents struggling with COVID need “Waves of Self Care: It Takes a Village,” the new book by Capitola’s Jaime McFaden. And Lookout parenting columnist Liza Monroy shares half a dozen tips on how to host a date night in Santa Cruz County. Read Liza’s latest column here.

MORE FROM LIZA: Parenting with Omicron: Santa Cruz Families with Young Children Tell Their Stories of a “Lost Month”

Why do some women find it difficult to breastfeed? UCSC researcher on what we know and don’t know

Lindsay Hinck

Lindsay Hinck, a stem cell biologist at UC Santa Cruz, wants to solve a global and deeply personal problem: why do some women struggle to produce enough milk for their babies? The former breast cancer researcher changed her focus after struggling to breastfeed her daughter 22 years ago. As the national formula shortage drags on, Guananí Gómez-Van Cortright spoke to Hinck about what we’re doing and doesn’t know why breastfeeding can be so difficult. Here is the full Q&A.

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A Photoshoot for the Ages: The Retirement Saga of Sleepy John

Sleepy John Sandidge (front) stands with musicians and performers

(Kevin Painchaud / Belvedere Santa Cruz)

A historic group photo of Santa Cruz’s star musicians, reunited to honor retired “Sleepy John” Sandidge, almost didn’t happen…until our photographer, Kevin Painchaud, figured it out. Wallace Baine tells the story, with images of Kevin.

MORE FROM WALLACE: An Empire Built on Crazy Socks: Socksmith’s Santa Cruz Saga

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Pleasure Point is No Place for Skyscrapers: Rezone Our Neighborhood the Right Way

JoAnn Allen on East Cliff Drive

Neighborhood group Save Pleasure Point wants to protect the culture and character of its eclectic coastal community by preventing Santa Cruz County from rezoning Portola Drive to the maximum urban density allowed by code. The group isn’t against construction, the members write in a Community Voices op-ed — just against what it sees as too much construction too fast for an area it says is already congested with parking issues, traffic and safety. Save Pleasure Point offers an alternative solution. Here is their full opinion piece on Community Voices.

DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY? Learn how to submit a letter to the editor or an op-ed for Community Voices

Do you think the rent is going up fast? It’s Worse Than You Think (And So Could Inflation)

Gina Ferazzi Los Angeles Times SOME OWNERS

Data collected by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics — but not made available to the public — shows a chasm between market conditions affecting new tenants and renewing tenants. The LA Times has the story here.

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