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Meghan Markle’s Makeup Artist Daniel Martin Joins Intro App

No matter how many times I watch a YouTube makeup tutorial about lining my eyes with sick graphics (or even a simple winged cat eye), I never get it. How I wish I could FaceTime my favorite makeup artists like Daniel Martin for personalized advice. Well, I guess manifestation works because the universe has answered my beauty prayers. On January 28, Martin joins Intro to give users one-on-one time for all things makeup and skincare.

“It’s the kind of connection I’m really looking for because it’s genuine,” he tells me during our session through the app. “It’s personal and I love that you’re having a one-on-one with someone you didn’t think you could get access to.”

Described as the “Facetime-meets-Masterclass” platform, Intro is a video chat app that allows users to have private sessions with experts and celebrities, such as Martin, Rachel Zoe and Alexis Ohanian. Sessions start from $44, depending on which expert you want to connect with. Once you’ve booked a time, you can fill out a comment box with questions or details about what you hope to accomplish before you meet virtually. You’ll have 30 minutes to meet with your pro, and then you’ll be well on your way to achieving your goal.

“I just want to change the beauty’s behavior,” Martin says of what to expect from her sessions. “We’ve been inundated with these ‘hacking’ trends and what’s happening on TikTok, [but] people are [now] like, ‘I want to try all these things, but I don’t know where to start.’

He is delighted that these personalized sessions allow him to see what products each person is working with and help them create a routine that works well. Apart from makeup, he is also eager to talk about skincare, as he strongly believes that skincare and makeup go hand in hand.

“[With skin care], it’s about taking the time to understand the root cause rather than just the symptoms. Understand why your concealer isn’t sticking to your pimple or hiding dark circles,” he says. “This [one-on-one time] allows me to look at someone as a whole.

It’s not so much a push for you to follow the latest TikTok beauty craze if you’re not interested in that (although he hopes people incorporate more color into their routines). It’s really about teaching yourself to find what you love. “I think for 2022 it’s all about individuality,” he says. “People are going to think, ‘I can’t do [all these trends] more. I will be comfortable in my skin.

Sessions booked with Martin will also benefit a great cause. 50% of these proceeds will go to Act To Change, a non-profit organization that fights online bullying, especially towards Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. Her goal is always to help people feel their best, even if it’s as simple as giving beauty advice.

“People who aren’t very familiar with makeup just want to feel better,” he says. “They don’t need a full face. They don’t need what’s trending. So [Intro] their permission [to do that].”

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