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Mark Millar Finally Reveals His Plans For The Comic Book Sequel Alongside BATMAN Artist Jorge Jiménez

Mark Millar finally confirmed that a Nemesis sequel is in the works, although the writer will be joined by Batman the artist Jorge Jiménez in place of Steve McNiven. Find more details after the jump…

Nemesis 2 was supposed to be released in 2012, with original creative team Mark Millar and Steve McNiven set to reunite for a sequel to the twisted first series. For some reason, that never happened, and a big-screen adaptation ended up stuck in development hell after going through a number of filmmakers.

The latest draft is believed to be written by Emerald Fennell, though what little we know about it indicates it has very little in common with the comic it’s based on.

It’s really a shame, but on the positive side, a new Nemesis the series now heads into next January. Written by Millar, Batman the artist Jorge Jiménez has also embarked on the project. He says, “[The] The Nemesis series has everything I need to develop my style as an artist in a crazy, bold and filterless way. This series plays with agility between extremely harsh scenes and hints of badass humor, extreme violence and serious dramatic touches.

Nemesis followed a Batman-like supervillain who looked more like the Joker than the Caped Crusader. A mass murderer, he was responsible for a number of terrorist attacks and eventually found himself colluding with a cop named Blake Morrow.

The series took us to some twisted places, and even featured Nemesis artificially inseminating Morrow’s daughter with her brother’s sperm, forcing her womb to collapse if an abortion was attempted (the family was Catholic). We are intrigued to see how Nemesis Reloaded compares to 2023, especially since things have changed a lot since the original was released.

The four-part series is a thrilling read, however, and Millar is never shy about pushing the envelope. Given what happened at the end of Nemesis, it remains to be seen who is under the mask and, for now, it remains to be seen if Morrow will return.

Take a first look at Nemesis Reloaded below:

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