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Mahindra XUV Electric, BE5, BE7, BE9 First Look


Now let’s get to the heart of the matter, the five new electric SUVs. The XUV.e will have two models, the XUV.e8 and the XUV.e9, while the BE will consist of three SUVs, the BE.05, the BE.07 and the BE.09.


This is the prototype we managed to get our hands on for a very short lap in the parking lot. The e8 is based on the XUV 700 and should be a seven-seater. The e8 will get AWD and will aim to deliver supreme ride comfort both on and off-road.


The e9 is expected to be the premium SUV with an emphasis on styling that is immediately noticeable with its coupe styling and is also expected to have a panoramic roof. The e9 will be a five-seat SUV that will aim to combine the traits of a genuine SUV with the aerodynamic silhouette of a coupe.


Three-quarter front right

According to Mahindra, the BE.05 is an electric SUV that follows the spirit of the Thar. Additionally, Mahindra describes the SUV as “a bold, race-inspired design seamlessly complemented by multi-sensory experiences.” He also calls the BE.05 an “electric sports vehicle”.


Three-quarter front right

The BE.07 should position itself between the BE.05 and the BE.09 and should be launched in October 2026. Unlike other SUVs that sport a coupe-like silhouette, the BE.07 will have a tall stance with a flat roofline, square wheel arches, long vertically placed LED DRLs and identical taillights.


Three-quarter front right

Just like the XUV e9, the BE.09 will also sport a coupé body style. According to Mahindra, the BE.09 will be a head-turning grand touring SUV with a chiseled design, dynamic roof and solid stance. It will allow four passengers to enjoy a first-class experience in terms of comfort and driving. Mahindra hasn’t specified the launch schedule for the SUV, but we expect it to be introduced in 2027.

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