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Law major, volunteer and single mother receives Provost award: Karen Jacquez, 22

Photo by Chris Richards/University of Arizona.

The Provost Award is given to an outstanding graduate student who has transferred to college from an Arizona community college. Criteria for awarding the award include perseverance and commitment to academic studies, contributions to the academic community and academic ability, above-average citizenship and leadership.

Karen Jacquez was born and raised in Tucson. She is an artist, single mother and full-time student. Outside of school, she has been involved with Groundworks, a local non-profit organization that promotes music and art for young people. Before enrolling at UArizona, she was involved in the honors program at Pima Community College, which regularly organized volunteer activities for students.

Karen graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in straight – a diploma offered by the School of Government and Public Policy and the James E. Rogers College of Law – and a minor in psychology. Before going to college, Karen earned an associate’s degree in liberal arts from Pima Community College. She also completed her real estate degrees at the Hogan School of Real Estate.

She is a recipient of the Valley Foundation Scholarship, received the Dean’s Insignia for completing a leadership academy at UArizona, and was on the Dean’s List with Honors for all three semesters she attended. ‘university. Additionally, she has worked with the Adalberto and Ana Guerrero Student Center and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, creating content for their social media pages.

Through her personal involvement in family law, while trying to obtain sole custody of her daughter, Karen found inspiration to help others through this difficult experience. After graduating, she will attend the James E. Rogers College of Law at the University of Arizona, intending to practice family law.

Karen says she loved her major and all of her classes, but would especially like to congratulate her advisor Sarah Williams and her instructor Judith McDaniel.

“Sarah Williams made the law school graduation and application process easy by going above and beyond and being extremely reachable any time of the year,” Karen said. “Judith McDaniel went above and beyond as a teacher, and you can tell she loved what she taught in her classes. My experience here at the University of Arizona would not have been the same without those two people.


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