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T he holidays are conducive to crafts. With the long, cold nights spent indoors, what else are you going to do when your friends and family need gifts, the house needs decoration, and peace and good need to be spread? With much speculation about the global supply chain issues set to disrupt gifts this year, Nevada’s arts communities are offering the opportunity to bring a bit of DIY tradition to the holidays with gift and home decor workshops made. by hand.


2135 Dickerson Road (inside Sierra Water), Reno
(920) 474-6853

Photo: Courtesy workshop

Atelier (pronounced, as the French would, “ah-tell-ee-ay”) debuted in Truckee, Calif., As an art and studio retail space. Last year Atelier opened a new branch in Reno among other DIY businesses on Dickerson Road, and the owners of Truckee sold it to Kelly Wallis. She now runs art workshops with the help of local artisans, meaning there are plenty of opportunities to try your hand at handmade gifts before the holidays.

“We specialize in, I would say slow craft,” Wallis said. “Things that take time, craftsmanship, right?” Knitting, sewing and embroidery, mending, natural dyeing, making natural wreaths.

Wallis contacts local artists to share their skills at the Atelier. Some of them give their first lessons in its space. She looks for projects accessible to all, while allowing to leave with a quality product. Some upcoming holiday-themed classes include beeswax candle making, ornament making, and a virtual hand lettering class for personalized Christmas cards.

“If the class requires a kit, we will provide the kit to you,” Wallis said. “We don’t want you to have to go out and buy a bunch of stuff to come and do a workshop. We just prefer to prepare it for you.

Schedule + info on the Workshops website. Class spaces are limited and prior registration is required.

Nevada Fine Arts

1301 S. Virginia Street, Reno
(775) 786-1128

Photo: Courtesy of Fine Arts of Nevada

Nevada Fine Arts is full of great gifts for artists in the family, but they also have something for anyone who wants to make their own gift, in the form of a hand-cut, dyed and sewn book, or a oil painting of Lake Tahoe.

“We will be holding a workshop where students can learn how to create their own hand-sewn sketchbook or journal,” said Frankie Colburn, director of the NFA. “We’ll provide the paper, which is kind of like multimedia paper… so it will be good for pencil, pen and ink, watercolors, things like that. [And] an oil painting class “Painting Tahoe Rocks with a Palette Knife”.

The NFA has maintained a dedicated calendar of art workshops in the past, but the pandemic has limited the number of classes staff can run in the past year. The oil painting class on December 4 at 12:30 p.m. and the bookbinding class on December 11 at 10 a.m. will be the last workshops of the year, but both will give attendees a ready-made gift from here. the end. Both are taught by local professional artists, and attendees will also receive 10% off the regular purchase of art supplies.

You can register on Nevada Fine Arts’ website.

Copper cat studio

300 Kresge Way, Sparks
(775) 453-0753

Photo: Courtesy of Copper Cat Studio

Copper Cat Studio is a full-time multimedia art studio and gallery, offering craft workshops and supplies throughout the year, but owner Katie Packham-Weaver has filled her class schedule for the next month with the holiday cheer.

“Between now and Christmas we have eight workshops specifically designed to give gifts,” Packham-Weaver said. “We have an ornamental course based on resin and alcohol ink. We have, I think, three classes of mosaic pendants. We have some mosaic classes. We have a water-marbled scarf course with [local artist] Xanadu. And then we have a needle felting class.

Copper Cat welcomes various local artisans to come and teach their craft, but Packham-Weaver herself teaches mosaic classes – her medium of choice. Students will learn how to make personal Christmas stockings, which they can reproduce at home or during the hours of operation of the Copper Cat studio. Since all course fees cover the necessary materials, participants are guaranteed come away with something ready to pack.

“It’s like anyone can buy from Amazon and anyone can go to the mall and buy something, but it’s something special,” Packham-Weaver said. “As we know, our time is precious. You have someone who spends a couple of hours doing something for you, and I think that makes it more special.

More info about Copper Cat Studio’s website. The workshops are open to students aged 14 and over, and Covid safety measures will be enforced.

Clay Arts Vegas

1353 Arville Street, Las Vegas
(702) 375-4147

Photo: Courtesy of Clay Arts Vegas

Pottery is one of those skills that can take a lifetime to master, and unfortunately, due to the medium’s long drying times, all ready-made clay gifts for Christmas should have been started before eating any turkey. Thanksgiving. However, Tom Bumblauskas and Peter Jakubowski, owners of the Clay Arts Vegas Pottery Gallery, can help budding potters start their education anytime, including the holiday season.

“In terms of vacations, like the practical things, it’s part of the structure of our regular classes, which we do in eight-week blocks, and they’re open registrations,” Jakubowski said. “People can start at any time or give [classes] like gifts. Each week an instructor demonstrates and guides people through a new project. And then we have a date package, which lasts four consecutive weeks for two people to do it together. “

Clay Arts Vegas is a full-service ceramics studio and workshop, and while they can’t promise you’ll get a gift for Christmas morning, their eight-week courses can make good gifts in and of themselves for anyone interested in learning the ceramic arts, as well as anyone who registers will have the opportunity to make several finished pieces by the end of the session.

However, on December 17-18, Clay Arts Vegas will be hosting a Community Oven Bake where members of the public can apply the final ceramic glaze to unfinished pre-fabricated pieces from local artists, which will be ready to take out and use after a few hours.

“So that’s the kind of thing people can come in and do together, go out, grab a bite to eat, come back and get their finished product,” Jakubowski said.

More info on Clay Arts Vegas website.

BEST Arts 4 U Studio’s Snowflake Camp

Winchester Dondero Cultural Center
3130 McLeod Drive, Las Vegas
(702) 455-7340

Image: Courtesy of Bobbie Ann Howell

When it comes to Christmas arts and crafts, sometimes it’s enough to go back to the classics, especially for kids who want to add hand-cut and decorated paper snowflakes to the festivities. Artist Bobbie Ann Howell has run her Holiday Snowflake Camp for years now, and her classes are aimed at Las Vegas-area kids who want to have a white Christmas in the desert.

“We’ll learn how to fold and make two or three different sized snowflakes,” Howell said. “So it’s about learning the positive and negative forms and this repetitive pattern. And I hope they go home with two or three snowflakes that they made themselves, and a pattern, and never make a square snowflake again.

Howell, who is also a program manager for Nevada Humanities, uses finely cut snowflakes in his work year-round, and thinks learning the craft is especially interesting for children as they will be able to use it for many years. Christmases to come – and potentially teach someone else.

“I try to bring all the supplies so that in the end they have their own beautiful snowflakes that they can take home and put on their door or window, or just keep making them like I did. have been doing this since I was probably nine years old myself, ”Howell said.

Howell will be hosting three 90-minute sessions on December 11 at the Winchester Dondero Cultural Center in Las Vegas, and classes will be open to children ages 8 and up. Parents are also welcome.

Participants must register in advance from the program menu here.

Museum of Northeast Nevada

1515 Idaho St., Elko
(775) 738-3418

Photo: Courtesy of NNM

While Elko’s best-known artistic offering is perhaps the annual Cowboy Poetry Gathering, the Northeastern Nevada Museum has another long-standing artistic tradition: the aptly named Second Saturday. For the past 10 years, the NNM has held a monthly craft and storytelling hour for children under the age of 10. How the Grinch stole Christmas read aloud.

“I’ve created a number of different models that they’re going to be able to create,” said Education Coordinator D’ette Mawson. “They’ll make, like, pipe cleaners and beads, or make snowflakes out of glitter glue and glitter.” They are really simple and easy things, but it’s something fun for everyone to go out and enjoy the day.

Mawson said the event and supplies are all free, but kids need parental supervision, which makes this a great opportunity for the whole family to have a go at creating personal decorations for their trees. .

“Any child who attends Second Saturday is notified that they are an artist,” Mawson said.

The second following Saturday will be at 10 a.m. on December 11. More informations here.

Cover Image — Atelier’s winter workshops include “Mountain Watercolor Labels and Ornaments” on December 3 and 10. More information here. Photo: Courtesy workshop

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