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Frieze Los Angeles is moving – and more art news –

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CLEARED TO LAND. Participants in the 2023 edition of Frieze Los Angeles should go to the Santa Monica Airportthe Los Angeles Times reports. The giant plans of the fair build a tent there for its February run which will be designed by Why Architectureit is Kulapat Yantrasast with Marc Thomann , who also took care of the tent for his stand this year in Beverly Hills. “We were very pleased with the beverly hiltonbut the owners of the space are going to innovate for a development that has been planned for several years, so we cannot stay there,” said the director of the fair, Christine Messineo, told the newspaper. In other airport and art related news, the new Delta Airlines opening of the terminal on Saturday in New York LaGuardia Airport features work commissioned by Delta, with the Queen’s Museumof Virginia Overton, Rachid Johnson, Fred Wilson, and more. Journalist Hilarie M. Leaves took a look inside for the New York Times.

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ATTACH YOURSELF! It’s a key day for artist profiles. Shahzia Sikander was covered by Naib Mian for the New Yorker. Daniel Boyd is in the Guardian by the writing of Steve Dow. And Shuvinai Ashoonawho spends a moment Venice Biennaleis in a New York Times story by Patricia Leigh Brown Position in Kinngait, Nunavut, Canada. Grab a hot cup of coffee (or a cocktail, depending on your local time) and enjoy.

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The archaeologists of Palenque in southwestern Mexico unearthed a statue of a Maya corn god believed to be around 1,300 years old. [AFP/France24]

David Kordansky Galleryof Los Angeles and New York, now represents Odili Donald Oditathe painter “known for his dynamic abstractions that pulsate with energy”, Maximiliano Duron writing. The Philadelphia-based artist will continue to be replaced by Jack Shainman Gallery. [ARTnews]

The Brooklyn Architectural Agency FLOOR was tapped to build a new home for the formidable Williams College Art Museum in Williamstown, Massachusetts. The new structure is expected to be completed in 2026 or 2027. Its design will be completed next year. [The Art Newspaper]

Efforts to create a statue for the pioneer of telegraphy Guglielmo Marconi in Cardiff, Wales, are under review and may be reversed, after inventor support for Benito Mussolini was raised. The proposed coin would commemorate Marconi sending a radio signal across the sea from Wales in 1897. [BBC News]

Elsa Åkesson and Rachel Esham were named the winners of the $50,000 prize hammer pricewhich is awarded annually to entrepreneurs who are current or former students of the Sotheby’s Institute of Art. Åkesson manufactures art packaging under the brand Squishy bagsand Esham leads the SideArt sales platform. [Financial Times]

A building that Marcel Breuer designed to be the seat of the Armstrong Rubber Company in New Haven, Connecticut, just reopened as hilton hotel. Fans of the artist Tom Burr can remember that he used the structure as a place of exhibition in 2017 through Bortolami “Artist/City” program of the gallery. [Architectural Digest]

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THE DASHBOARD. Artist Tracey Eminwho is one of the most quoted people on the planet, gave a candid interview (death, menopause, etc.) with Artnet News on the occasion of his current show at Jupiter Artland in Wilkieston, Scotland. She feels the critical taste come in her favor. “As an artist, it’s been really difficult for me,” Emin told the outlet. “I think a lot of people misjudged me, got me wrong. But I think I feel like things are slowly changing for me. People are starting to realize that I wasn’t a screaming banshee. In fact, I I made very good points. [Artnet News]

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