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Beloved Art: Local mum designs hand-drawn ornaments and portraits


Brittany Reeves has always been creative and has always loved art.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, she needed an outlet to help keep herself busy, and she turned to art to do just that.

Today, the Dawson County mother of two owns and operates a thriving business, Beeloved Art, specializing in hand-drawn portraits and specially designed ornaments.

One way Reeves works to give back to the community and a cause close to his heart is by designing portraits for those mourning pregnancy or infant loss. (photo courtesy of Brittany Reeves)

Reeves said she started her artistic career opening a children’s art studio in Forsyth County several years ago.

“I opened a children’s art studio in Cumming in 2015 and we were open for a year; it was super fun and so awesome, but after 6 years of infertility i finally got pregnant and had my little boys so i ended up shutting down, ”said Reeves. “So I got away from art a bit – it’s not easy to paint and take time for yourself when taking care of kids – but when COVID happened it was crazy and all. the world was panicking and I just needed an escape. ”

Reeves began doing portraits for his friends, including a portrait for a friend who had miscarried. The portrait depicted her friend’s entire family and included the baby who had been lost, and when Reeves’ friend shared the portrait, it quickly gained popularity.

“She shared it and it got a little crazy so people started asking me for them,” Reeves said. “So I said, ‘okay, I’m going to start this business and it’s going to be so awesome because I’m going to be able to help people with that, something that I’ve been through, and these little portraits offer some hope, ”so that’s what started it.

Also in 2020, Reeves said she was disappointed that local Christmas events and activities were postponed or canceled due to the pandemic. Just like before, she took art as an outlet for these feelings.

“I got bored because I couldn’t do all the fun things I wanted to do on Christmas in my town, so I said ‘if I can’t go I will draw it’,” Reeves said. .

According to Reeves, she came up with the idea of ​​turning these designs into ornamental sets from a project that Forsyth County Commissioners started in the ’90s to create sets of ornaments that showcase the local community. . Reeves’ grandmother bought him a full set of ornaments, and three decades later, she still owns them. Inspired by these adornments, Reeves decided to create her own version in 2020 highlighting the landmarks of Forsyth County.

Reeves posted the adornments to a local Facebook group and, to his surprise, the post immediately gained popularity.

“In 24 hours, I had about $ 6,000 in sales, which was crazy,” Reeves said. “It was awesome.”

BeeLoved Art 2

In addition to ornaments, Reeves takes custom orders for designs ranging from pets to wedding portraits. (photo courtesy of Brittany Reeves)

Driven by community interest, Reeves set out to create more sets of hometown ornaments for Dahlonega and Dawson County, featuring local landmarks like Amicalola Falls, Pumpkin Farm de Burt and the billiard room.

Reeves said the idea behind the ornaments is to help create a happy memory for those who own them. Her family has eight generations born and raised in Forsyth County, and she has now lived in Dawson County for several years. So she has her own memories of all the landmarks she draws. Because of this, she loves to hear the memories that other people have too.

“I’ve had the opportunity to talk to so many people who say ‘we love the same places you love’ or ‘we got engaged here’ or ‘I take my family here every year’ so it’s really cool to hear the connections from people who are just as connected as me, “said Reeves.” It was so fun and cool because all these families are connecting to it and it’s been such a blessing. “

To create the adornments, Reeves uses photos she has taken herself, often from her own family adventures, and artistically renders the photo in ProCreate on her iPad. She then transfers her designs to ornaments.

Since the ornaments were created, Reeves has sold dozens of them. She said that as someone who loves the North Georgia area so much, it’s hard not to love something like hometown ornaments.

“Everyone loves them,” Reeves said. “The people here are so awesome, and when you put on something they connect with, it’s nice, the memories are special and it’s nice to be able to give it to them.”

Another service offered by Reeves through Beeloved Art is the creation of personalized portraits or personalized ornaments. It can range from animal portraits to wedding portraits, and Reeves designs them from photos submitted by his clients.

“I take custom orders, so this is one of my favorite things too; people will send me their photos of their family and I draw everything by hand, ”Reeves said. “I use the photo as a reference and create based on their photos, then I can also make ornaments with this art.”

One of the ways Reeves gives back to the community, and a cause close to his heart, is to donate 10 free commemorative pregnancy and infant loss portraits each month to families who have lost a baby.

“I have two baby angels and an angel niece, so I do this to honor my children,” Reeves said. “There really is nothing you can do or say, but giving them this portrait allows them to hold on to something where their whole family is present at the same time, and that can’t happen on this side of Heaven. for them, then it offers a little peace and hope with it.

Over the next few months, Reeves will be at several locations in North Georgia with a booth for Beeloved Art. This includes Warbington Farms in Cumming on October 16, Mountain Moonshine Festival in Dawsonville on October 23 and 24, Fowler Park in Cumming on October 30, Pine and Pigment in Cumming on November 6, SAA Christmas Fest in Cumming on November 20 and 21, and the Jingle Market in Dawsonville on December 4th.

For more information on Beeloved Art, visit To contact Reeves or follow her on social media, visit @ on Instagram,, or send him an e-mail at [email protected]

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