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A Fortuna High photo and design showcase!


Lost Coast Communications is proud to share the work of Fortuna Union High School Photo & Design CTE students.

Vocational technical education programs provide students with the academic and technical skills, as well as the practical learning opportunities needed to succeed in their future careers and become lifelong learners. CTE courses foster interest in the learning process that leads to academic success.

These courses connect classroom instruction with applied knowledge and skills to solve real-world problems. CTE courses offer students the opportunity to develop skills in creativity, collaboration and communication. Through work-based learning and internship experiences, students have the opportunity to learn workplace skills and work alongside industry professionals.

The California Department of Education created the Arts, Media, and Entertainment (AME) Industry Sector to support high school students interested in pursuing careers in California’s thriving creative workforce . AME programs align withCalifornia Career Technical Education (CTE) Model Curriculum Standardsthat define the knowledge, skills and practical experience that students must have to practice their chosen profession through post-secondary education, vocational training and/or apprenticeship training. AME programs build on traditional arts programs to include a comprehensive career preparation component. As of 2019, the sector has grown to serve 231,000 students and is the largest CTE sector in the state of California.

LCCI has partnered with the class to provide hands-on work experience designing digital advertisements for real-world clients. For this project, we asked local businesses in Fortuna to share their time with these students to design real digital advertisements for their products and services. We then streamed them for free on The Lost Coast Outpost. Our graphic designer also visited the classroom to talk firsthand with the students about the possibility of becoming a graphic designer.

This partnership between Fortuna High School, local businesses and Lost Coast Communications is the epitome of a community working together to provide exceptional learning opportunities for our youth.

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